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The incredibly kind people at Fastest Kid in School wrote a review for the EP, which you can read HERE. They called it “a perfect encapsulation of fleeting youth” and have it as their Essential Listening this week, which I can’t even wrap my head around. 

Swoon got reviewed! It’s incredibly nice and super generous! Life is looking up!

Check this thing out my friend Tim did, it is really flipping incredible. The review for it too is also really awesome and nice.

Plus I play guitar on the track ‘bathtub astrology’ and it was such an honor to be a part of this project. Give it a listen and be a pal.

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If Suarez is allowed to play another game in the World Cup that will be wicked messed up.

That totally wasn’t meant to rhyme.

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Dear, I’ll stay gold just to keep these pasts at bay
To keep the loneliest of nights from claiming you, and
To keep these longest of days from waking you
For I felt the greatest of Winters coming, and
I saw you as seasons shifting from blue to grey

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Last line of each Radiohead album.

Inspired by (x) and (x).

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hey no offense to england but why are you guys so bad at soccer


It’s soccer when america wins more games than you


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